Who is River of Life?

River of Life is striving to be a bilically based family of God with a very simple mission - To Make jesus Famous.  By that, we want to make Jesus better know to everyone we come into contact with.   If we come into contact with someone who knows nothing about Jesus, we want to help introduce them to Him.   If we come into contact with someone who alrady knows Him, we want to help them to know Him better.  That is our consistent mission as a church. 

Our method of accomplishing that mission as a church is to function with a mentality we call "Reach, Connect and Serve".  It is a simple formula that keeps us on track with our mission in everything we do. 

Reach, Connect and Serve Our Affiliation
Church history and affiliation
A brief history of the congregation
  •  Formerly located on Woodland Road
    • Woody and Judith Lovelace started the church on their property in the early 90's
    • Pastor Woody and Judith relocated to Madras Oregon and the Church was sold in 2013 to a private party and the congregaction was relcated to the Goldendale Grange for a season. 
    • The church then moved to the current location 2023 pipeline Road.
    • Retired Church of God Pastors RJ McCullah and Richard Gibson served as itinerant ministers from 2013 until 2016.
    • Current Pastors Rod and Cathy Smith began serving full time in the latter part of 2016
  • Church Affiliation
    • Church of God, Cleveland TN
    • Among the oldest Pentecostal movement in the USA, Founded in 1896
    • Provide accountability, leadership counsel and world wide ministry opportunity
    • Church of God structure
    • Supported by freewill tithes and offerings
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